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Oakshott Shot Cottons from the U.K.

Oakshott and Company Ltd., from the United Kingdom, creates fine quality hand woven quilting fabrics.
Their speciality is colorful shot cotton weaves ethically sourced from master weavers along the Malabar coast of South West India. Oakshott Shot Cottons have sumptuous and vibrant colors which are full of character and are ideal for hand and machine quilting. They are suitable for experienced quilters and beginners alike. They are ideal for sewing, applique work, textile, quilting arts, hand and machine piecing

Oakshott Cottons are hand woven for discerning quilters by master weavers who have patiently taken two hours to prepare and weave each metre. These 100% mercerised VAT dyed shot cottons are soft to the touch and are packed with individual character and shimmer with silky lustre. The sumptuous colours blend well together and give an extra dimension when used along with printed fabrics. 

Oakshott Shot Cottons Lakes

Oakshott Shot Cottons Lipari

Oakshott Shot Cottons Italy

Oakshott Shott Cottons Ruby Red

Oakshott Shot Cottons Impressions

Oakshott Shot Cottons Elements Earth

Oakshott Shot Cottons Original Colourshott